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As a doctor and pharmacist, you will find all relevant information regarding our products and services here in the specialist section.

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Detailed information about enua’s products

enua distributes high-quality medical cannabis. For more detailed information, please log into the specialist section using your DocCheck account.

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Templates to reduce the regulatory burden

To keep the administrative burden of prescribing medical cannabis as low as possible for you, we provide practical work templates in enua’s specialist section.

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Further information regarding medical cannabis

The specialist section provides you with important basic information, scientific studies and answers to the most frequently asked questions about cannabinoid-based medications.

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Due to the German law on the advertising of medicinal products §1 and 10, certain contents of enua’s website are only accessible to medical or pharmaceutical experts.

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Hektor Gerbszt
Pharmacy at the Berliner-Tor-Platz square in Wesel, Germany

"Cannabis therapy has been helping my patients for years. With enua Pharma as a strong partner at my side, I can fully meet my healthcare supply mandate as a pharmacist and ensure lasting therapeutic success."